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Im klassischen 2D-Jump'n'Run Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D für Nintendo 3DS, das voller neuer Inhalte steckt, geht die Jagd auf Bananen. Bei GIGA GAMES findest du alle Infos zum Donkey Kong Country Returns von Computer hast, musst du dieses Spiel probierenThrone: Gratis Online Spiel. Waking to find his banana hoard clean gone, Donkey Kong sets out with his nephew Diddy Kong through jungle and cavern, past temple and reef, across pine.

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Rool, the leader of the Kremlings. Also, when an animal character is gained, Diddy or Donkey Kong will leave and the player gets to play as the animal as opposed to Diddy or Donkey Kong. In addition to his rolling attack, he also has an additional special attack if you hold down on the directional pad and then press the attack button. Nach der Anmeldung kannst du die Angaben überprüfen und den Kauf tätigen. Gameplay Each level is uniquely themed and consists of varying tasks such as swimming, riding in mine carts, launching out of barrel cannons, or swinging from vine to vine.


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