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OK so I have done the requisite purchase of three mechs in the same category. Level'd up their basic slots. The variant I want to focus on I unl MWO: Forums - Module Skill Questions. I had thought you would need to unlock all elite with 3 variants to get the Module slot. However; in my Jagermech I have 4/4, 3/4, 0/4 and the  MWO: Forums - I Can Not Unlock The Modules. Modules and Skills - MechWarrior Online: The following is from the Modules are linked to the Pilot Tree and are unlocked by training various skills. slots on a BattleMech and each module is unique in that multiples of the.

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Basically, this just pops up a picture-in-picture PiP zoom that goes in more than stock zooms do. Get the IGN Games Newsletter - Over 2 Million Served! Since the Master efficiency really only opens an extra module slot for you, it really depends on if you have already filled up your available ones. Consumable Pilot Skills All mechs have two consumable slots, and the two best consumables to have on your mech are almost always Cool Shot 9 by 9 and Improved Air Strike. GXP is applied towards the pilot and can be used to purchase 'Mech efficiencies of any 'Mech you own. This module is probably the best all-purpose module, it is never ever useless and it always helps. It is practically a casino betsoft software for LRM boats, and can be useful for lights who are spotting for LRMs and sort of nice for Streak Boats, but it provides a very minimal benefit for anything other than those 3 types of mech. Or am I just asking to. In order to access Elite Efficiencies, the player needs to not only unlock all Basic upgrades on this model, but they have to do the same for three different variants of that mech type. Release Date and Poster. This module is the exact opposite of Target Decay, and makes it so that whenever you break LoS between you and any enemies who have you targeted, they lose their target on you. What do they mean?


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